Andries Meyer

Chief Executive Officer / Melbourne

Andries has been with Buchan since 2012 and took the mantle of shaping Buchan’s future direction in 2017. He manages the global Buchan business, with our operations, our clients and our people at the core of his focus.

With an impressive background as a CFO, Andries has a deep understanding of the micro when needed, enriching his holistic focus on the business. Always present with advice, vision and strategy for us and for our external network, his wise words and astute business mindset inspires Buchan people to think big and deliver beyond their imagined capability.

Cultivating a culture with creativity at its heart, Andries brings his passion for flexibility and responsive problem solving to improve our practice both now and into the future.  Agility is the lynchpin of providing exceptional service to our clients and fulfillment to our people and this is supported by Andries’ passion for learning from others, and driving a collaborative and inquisitive approach to realising goals.

“I am honoured to be leading Buchan on a journey of reinvention, driven by a rapidly changing external environment. I want every client to be confident that Buchan is listening; to them, to each other, to our peers inside and outside the industry, both here and abroad. We are challenging what is accepted and pushing beyond. We simply will not accept the status quo and will be relentless in our pursuit of delivering true value to each client and every project.”

Andries Meyer